2019 Hum3d Car Render Competition WIP Part 3

General / 08 October 2019

A quick post with the new exo-cage. I think this will be the final design.

I've also changed the engine skid-plate with something more realistic looking made from flat sheet-metal. The front part of the cage has also been simplified to allow the hood to open.

I've added two spare wheels on the roof, I feel like the trunk needed to be left alone, including the ability to be opened despite the cage.

Some of you might be wondering why an exo-cage on a desert truck, those are usually reserved for rock crawlers. Besides looking mighty cool on the Rolls, the cage does a lot to add versatility to the vehicle. So if the sheikh decides to go rock crawling or survive a zombie apocalypse, the car is a few simple changes away from these scenarios. It's not all about the bling!
PS: The chassis is a Toyota truck and the engine is an american V8, all very reliable and easy to fix.