Free 3d models (Sketchfab, CC Attribution)

General / 28 December 2017

To kick things off what I hope will be a periodically updated 3d graphics related blog, I've decided to share some of my Sketchfab models under the CC Attribution license. Basically, you're free to use them in your own projects, commercial or not as long as you credit me for it. I would appreciate if you use this link if you do:

A Futuristic Truck concept I built more than 10 years ago while learning Maya's Subdivision surface workflow. 

An Antelope chair I made for my sister's Interior Design projects. Here you'll find a very used version of it with some quick Substance Painter textures.

Next up some low poly rims and tires I made for an Asseto Corsa mod a couple of years ago. I don't think it ever got released so here are two Nessen forged rims and two slightly used tires.

Last but not least, a rim of my own design, JDM style.

PS: If you need variations of these, let me know and I can make it happen!