2019 Hum3d Car Render Competition WIP Part 1

Work In Progress / 24 September 2019

For this year's Hum3d competition, I'm building this mad Rolls Royce offroader, a proper one not that Cullinan SUV.

I'm using a Rolls Royce Ghost model I built in 2009 before the car was launched. I modeled it using only the spy shots of the camouflaged prototypes available at the time. This was to be published in a magazine but it got plugged the last minute so I was left with a pretty useless model since the car was launched my model is not 100% identical to the production model. I'm also using some offroad wheels and other mechanical parts I've built over the years for a number of personal projects that never got completed. I'm actually happy that I can put these together and use them productively.

This is what I have so far:

Next up will be reworking the exo-cage with better radius curves and more thought put into the way it fits the chassis. The external fuel tanks might go so will the open trunk. Initially I was going to enter this in last year's competition with the post-apocalyptic theme so I wanted to give it a busy silhouette. For this year's theme I'm going more of the crazy sheikh kinda vibe so a decent paint job and no long-range accessories would make more sense.  Here's something similar from the land of outlandish cars: The UAE: https://www.legendaryfinds.com/rainbow-sheikhs-car-collection-might-craziest-car-collection-world/

And yes, this has already been done to some extent:

For the final render I'm thinking jumping over a sand dune with plenty of dust. These are my inspirations: