2019 Hum3d Car Render Competition WIP Part 2

General / 27 September 2019

Just a quick update before the weekend. I've replaced the wheels with some real wheels and tires: Toyota TRD bead-lock rims with Desert Master tires. Texturing for these is just a quick pass with Painter presets, nothing final. I'll add the sidewall graphics and do another texturing pass then. The tire texture needs a lot more love before it starts looking decent.

I'm also playing around with the exo-cage. Below is take two, most likely not final as well. That side-step is something for the sheikh to get into the car, it's retractable to not impede ground clearance while jumping dunes!

I've removed the external fuel tanks and I'm still thinking whether to keep the trunk lid or have the spare visible like in the image below.