Desert Eagle L5 .357 for sale!

News / 08 February 2018

I decided that it might be a good idea to put some of my 3d models up for sale.

First one is the Desert Eagle L5 .357 which can be bought from either Artation Marketplace, Sketchfab or Gumroad. Both versions are identical in contents and pricing.

It's suitable for use in FPS games as a 1st person view model or as a presentation model. It includes all the files needed to modify/bake/texture the object and create variations.

Technical summary:

High poly model: 40k triangles without smooth applied.

Low poly model: 13k triangles.  All parts required for shooting and reload animations are modeled.

*Simple animation of moving parts provided.

UVs: 1 UV channel packed with proper spacing for a single 4k texture set.

PBR Metallic Roughness 4k texture set created in Substance Painter 2017.

Download contents:

1 .Maya ASCII (2018) scene containing high poly, low poly and basic animated version.

2. FBX files:

* deagle_high.fbx : high poly (without smooth). Can be imported into other 3d programs that support creases or hard edges/smoothing groups can be used as bevels/creases.

* deagle_low.fbx : low poly with smoothing groups, low poly with basic "explode" animation.

* deagle_anim.fbx: low poly with smoothing groups and basic animation

* deagle.fbx: bake file loaded in Toolbag, contains low and collapsed high separated and exploded.

3. deagle.tbscene: Marmoset Toolbag 3 scene used for baking.

4. deagle.spp: Substance Painter 2017 file.

5. glTF directory with glTF model/PBR textures exported from Substance Painter.

PS: If you'd like any other formats, let me know and I can include them in the download.