Sketchfab model updates: clearcoat and refraction.

General / 03 August 2018

Lately Sketchfab introduced a bunch of cool features like refraction and more recently a clear coat option. Since most of my stuff there benefits from it, I decided to give them all a nice fresh coat of paint.

Here are some of the highlights:

First off, my Dacia got a bit of an upgrade. The geometry got better bevels for better reflections and various tweaks. Texture and shader-wise, it has now got refraction and clear coat as well as an actual license plate.

My other Dacia has been brought up to date with refraction and clearcoat as well:

Now let's add some color into this post: the Chevelle, the Pickup got refraction and clearcoat as well. For these I've used a bit of a trick: the clearcoat uses a custom normal map, which is the clean bake from the high res model as well as a mask to separate the clearcoated areas from the dirt and rust. I did this to simplify the transitional areas between the clearcoated and non-clearcoated areas.