Car Configurator UE4 Prototype

Work In Progress / 12 October 2018

This idea has been going around in my head for a long time so I decided to implement it and properly learn UE4 in the process.

The idea is to make a car configurator with Unreal Engine 4 modding support that would allow easy integration of new models and parts. It's inspired by the old Street Legal Racing game but I'm not planning of going that much into detail with my app. I'm not sure how much into detail I'd go with this to be honest, it all depends on the interest it generates.

So far I've implemented the suspension logic and the wheel size logic. The suspension is dynamic and takes into consideration the ride height as well as wheel sizes to keep a realistic and consistent ride height. 

Next up would be to implement the part customizing logic after which I plan to go public with a release to help test the logic.

When the logic part is ok I will add as much content as I currently have. I have all the necessary models to allow the user to configure any first Dacia Logan sedan with a bunch of tuning parts and wheels.