Dream Garage WIP

A project that I hope to ultimately turn into a interactive car showroom / configurator in Unreal Engine 4. I don't have a time frame for it for the moment.
Current update:
1. Main building with custom materials and textures is 90%done.
2. Created base shader. It uses vertex color channels to drive texture blending and other parameters of the material (see image description).
3. Added Aircon and Neon lights.
4. Updated lightning setup with a hybrid approach. Most objects use Volumetric Lighmaps except the movable vehicles which use Distance Fields shadows and AO so I can in the end move them around and swap parts without worrying about lightmaps. This is the first pass, so there are quite a few bugs.

Future plans:
1. Finish the various tools, lights, decorations. Most of them will use bevels and weighted normals to avoid normal map bakes.
2. Masks for each object for use with the "Dynamic Material Layering" technique in Subtance Painter.
3. Scene dress-up.
4. Lightning.

Valentin nadolu wip2 material

Example material. Vertex color channels drive the blend between a couple of normal maps and also rotates UVs 90deg to align wood grain.

Valentin nadolu wip4


Valentin nadolu wip3
Valentin nadolu garage showcases the personal car collection of the homeowner

Main source inspiration: Eckford Residence barn / garage