Materialize Contest Entry: Rhomboid Dodecahedron Quasi Bricks

My entry for the Allegorithmic Materialize: The Digital Material Competition, Rhomboid Dodecahedron Quasi Bricks!
That is a mouth-full!
I decided to replicate this Instagram image:
It seems to be a simple Photoshop job of this original image of a "quasi brick" pattern used for the Blind Pavillon, 2003 Olafur Eliasson in collaboration with Einar Thorsteinn and Petersen Tegl. More info here:
Scroll down to see a 3d scene on Sketchfab and customization options and their effect.

Valentin nadolu vrn rdqb sidebyside2

iRay render (right), side by side with the Instagram image (left)

Valentin nadolu vrn rdqb sidebyside

iRay render (right), side by side with the original unedited version (left).

Valentin nadolu vrn rdqb sidebyside3

iRay render (right), side by side with another photo, also unedited (left)

In full 3d glory! PS: Will probably update to a custom geometry version to avoid displacement artifacts.

Valentin nadolu vrn rdqb main

A 4k iRay render required by the competition.

Valentin nadolu vrn rdqb textures

The texture output of the realistic version.

Valentin nadolu vrn rdqb parameters

The SBAR with the customization options

Valentin nadolu wornrandombrick final

Slightly damp with two color "original" mode on and random brick erosion damage.

Valentin nadolu wornuniformbrick final

Grey monochrome with uniform brick erosion damage.

Valentin nadolu vrn rdqb graph

Finally, the graph!