Mercenaries 2: World in Flames car: Veloce

This project was my first major AAA title as Lead Artist at AMC pixel factory.
The team created over 100 vehicles for Pandemic Studios, most of them with very little reference, mostly a simple concept or a few words describing the vehicles. The civilian vehicles were mostly handled by AMC while Pandemic took care of the military ones. I was unofficially in charge of the civilian cars’ final look.
Since Pandemic was working in XSi and AMC used Maya, we had to convert everything and also do the game engine specific setup in XSi: damage, LODs, etc.
My favourite car I built was the Veloce. I built it without a concept, I was only provided with a description: "Create a mid-engined supercar, the fastest car in the game. Main inspiration, something between a Bugatti Veyron and a Keonigsegg". I chose to stray from the Veyron idea, in my eyes the Veyron looks like an oversized, overweight Passat so instead I tried to put a bit more italian pazzaz into the design with typical Lambo proportions.