Dacia Logan KYS for Airride Custom Romania

Cosmin, the owner of Airride Custom Romania asked me to design some new bumpers for his already famous air-bagged Dacia Logan. I created some using Renault Clio Symbol bumpers both front and rear. My renders where then used by the body shop to build them on the real car. He also wanted to make sure these WCi wheels looked good on the car before buying them.
This is the process for the front bumper design process and finally, since the car is on bags it was only fair I added a bit of animation to the Sketchfab scene.

Dacia Logan KYS by Airride Custom Romania

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This is the car looked before the refresh. Air-ride, XXR wheels and a lot of custom body work.

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Original look, side view.

Valentin nadolu jocker2 0wci side2

First thing was making sure Cosmin liked the WCI wheels before buying them. I took special care to correctly scale the rims. They're 18" and since they're in 5x112 bolt pattern, they ultimately required adapters to fit Dacia's 4x100 bolt pattern.

Valentin nadolu jocker2 0wci side

Side view with the WCI rims.

Valentin nadolu jocker2 0wci side v1

I tried this Renault Logan 2 derived bumper.

Valentin nadolu jocker2 0wci side v3

Turned out to be too busy so I removed the panel line.
Cosmin wanted a cleaner look so I also removed the projectors.

Valentin nadolu jocker2 0wci side v4

This version uses the lower section of a Renault Clio Symbol 3 bumper. The lines of this version are more parallel that the previous Renault Logan bumper and match the car a lot better. This was chosen as the final look.