Dirty Worn Shoes: Sketchfab Texturing Challenge Entry

For Sketchfab's Shoe Texturing Contest I've decided to create a pair of very old, worn muddy sneakers. I went for an 80s vintage color scheme.
The geometry is based on a model by Iskander G:
I've cleaned up the geometry as there were a lot of invisible faces which were taking a lot of UV space. I've also redone the UVs to cover the 0-1 space thoroughly and rearranged the original scene a bit to make it more interesting. I've also used Maya to create a quick high poly model and extract input maps for Painter.
The original scene had a single texture but since I chose to add a logo and text I had to flip everything and save a second texture set. Not ideal but it was quick thanks to Painter's Resource Updater which allowed me to replace the "adibass" text mask with a flipped version with a single click.
If you're interesting in joining, this is the original blog entry for the contest:

Sketchfab Texturing Challenge: Worn Dirty Shoes

Valentin nadolu thumb

iRay render from Substance Painter

Valentin nadolu mayascreen

Repacked UVs to maximize texel resolution at 2048x2048.

Valentin nadolu painterscreen

The Substance Painter file.