Substance Painter Study: Planerod IAR-80

Loosely based on the IAR-80, a Romanian fighter plane from the Second World War. Converted to a salt flats racer. Features the original 14 cylinder radial engine with a gearbox that drives the stub wing mounted solid aluminum wheels. The rear wheel is taken from a larger bomber and features a regular tire. Everything was put together on a tight budget, hence the weird method in which the front wheel hub assembly bolts on what remains of the original wing. Heavy usage on the corrosive and abrasive salt flats means that the hotrod got painted over multiple times, hence the rough paint job. Also, nobody really bothers to clean up the salt buildup.The high resolution model has ~1 million triangles and it’s created in Maya using Creases and Smooth Preview. Baked in Substance Designer, painted in Substance Painter.
2018 update: Reworked the textures to be up to par with my current skill set.

IAR-80 "Planerod" Romanian Airforce Edition